I came up with the BLT Live Template. It is a lightweight set of tools for live, open format, performance geared toward DJing with Ableton Live. Originally built for the APC40 MKI, I have since updated its features and code to work with the APC40 MKII.

Features Include:

  • Four decks for primary track playback
  • 8 fixed clip slots (scenes 1&2 on tracks 5-8) always available throughout your set
  • 4, 8, 16, and 32 beat native looping available on-the-fly to each deck
  • Loop toggle buttons with feedback for each deck
  • Beat Repeat on each track (all eight tracks)
  • Toggled Pump Me effect for each deck
  • Two momentary “ramping” effects per deck (Metal Me and High Me) editable¬†in-code
  • Momentary Beat Repeat w/ Pitch Drop effect on each deck
  • Effect reset buttons for each of the four decks
  • Instant cuing and detail view of waveforms upon track selection
  • Disabled the loathsome “Stop All Clips” button and Scene Launch buttons

Download Here (Right Click Save As)