I began using the APC40 several years ago when I became interested in using Ableton Live for DJ performance. I found its native configuration clumsy and needing serious revision. I was not well versed in how to fix this myself, so I stretched out to use other commercial templates available at the time. While they seemed great at first it became clear very soon that they were bloated and prone to crashing at inopportune moments. With no valid alternatives around I set out to build my own.

I came up with the BLT Live Template. It is a lightweight and intuitive set of tools for live, open format, performance geared toward DJing with Ableton Live. Originally built for the APC40 MKI, I have since updated its features and code to work with the APC40 MKII that was released just this past year.

Features Include:

  • Four decks for primary track playback
  • 8 fixed clip slots (scenes 1&2 on tracks 5-8) always available throughout your set
  • 4, 8, 16, and 32 beat native looping available on-the-fly to each deck
  • Loop toggle buttons with feedback for each deck
  • Beat Repeat on each track (all eight tracks)
  • Toggled Pump Me effect for each deck
  • Two momentary “ramping” effects per deck (Metal Me and High Me) editable in-code
  • Momentary Beat Repeat w/ Pitch Drop effect on each deck
  • Effect reset buttons for each of the four decks
  • Instant cuing and detail view of waveforms upon track selection
  • Disabled the loathsome “Stop All Clips” button and Scene Launch buttons

I am proud to say that my work is extremely clean, lightweight, crash free, and ad free.

 Download now!