Hi All,

It’s been a very very busy better-part-of-a-decade. I haven’t had more than a 48 hour break from work (day-job and music, as it were) since 2012. Happily, I’m going on a trip around the globe beginning October 14th returning to Colorado November 18th. I will do my best to keep an eye on email but will be largely incommunicado until I return.

I have been infinitely lucky to be able to play music to the degree that I do. I owe an immense debt to the clients, venue owners, planners, and friends who continuously afford me the opportunity to perform. Weddings, private parties, announcing, acting, radio, cruise lines, pubs and clubs…it’s been a really fun ride the past 15 years of playing. I just need a little break to heal up and look at the next 15 years and beyond 🙂

I’ll see everyone when I get back!

Much Love,

Drew Reges